Media article introduction

Articles on the Gatehouse School

Numerous articles were published about the school under the direction of Phyllis Wallbank from 1947 to 1979. Unfortunately the vast majority have disappeared and we only have three remaining which we reproduce here; one is in fact a transcript of a radio programme.

However, some of the other publications we remember are:
  • Times Educational Supplement, 4/12/70, and another at an unknown date
  • A double- page feature in the Nursery World in 1955
A note of interest is that Phyllis wrote the entries in the Oxford Junior Encylopedia for both Froebel and Maria Montessori.

Films of the Gatehouse School

All the films that were produced over the years are also missing and we should dearly love to find them. Should anyone come across any of them or know how to trace them, please do contact us.

There were at least four documentaries:
  • A science film, 45 minutes long and made in 1974
  • A primary film on language, also 45 minutes and produced in 1973
  • A 40-minute nursery film from 1972
  • A 40-minute film in 1952
In addition there were B.B.C. programmes in
  • May 1978
  • May 1975
  • 1956