Phyllis Wallbank Scholarship

When the Trust was founded in 1964 a number of aims and objectives were set out to be financed through income generated by the Gatehouse school.

One of these aims (the others are listed under "Aims" on this website) was to:
"Establish a scholarship to be called the 'Phyllis Wallbank Scholarship' to be awarded to any former pupil of the Gatehouse School attending University in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland."
This we have now done.

The Scholarship is currently worth Twenty Four Thousand Pounds total per annum and will be awarded to any eligible ex pupil or pupils on the following basis:
Each eligible applicant will be granted Two Thousand Pounds.
There will therefore be a maximum of twelve Scholarships awarded annually.

To apply for a Scholarship please apply to the Secretary to the Phyllis Wallbank Education Trust using the link on this page.

Applicants must be able to show attendance at the Gatehouse School and also proof of current attendance at a qualifying university.