Public benefits of the P.W.E.T.

1. The Phyllis Wallbank Educational Trust offers a scholarship to a graduate, post graduate or accredited researcher from any country who wishes to come to London to study the educational methods and philosophy of Phyllis Wallbank.

The scholarship offers:
  • Return flight to London.
  • Free accommodation at the Trust's London "Library" building.
  • Access to books and papers.
  • Meetings and discussions with Phyllis Wallbank.
  • Help applying for a U.K. student visa if necessary.

In return the Trust requires the scholar to present a copy of his or her paper or thesis to the Trust so that it may be studied by others.

To apply, please contact Mark Wallbank (Secretary to the P.W.E.T.) at:

2. Members of the public may use the Library of educational books for research or reference (by prior arrangement).

3. Under the terms of its lease from the P.W.E.T., The Gatehouse School offers full scholarships or reduced fees to ten percent of its pupils.

4. The P.W.E.T. offers grants for educational research (subject to available funds).