The Wallbank Plan

(The covenant as to the running of The Gatehouse School as contained in the lease under which The Gatehouse Educational Trust Ltd occupies the property and undertakes the day to day running of The Gatehouse School.)

1. Children of any race, colour, creed, background and intellect shall be accepted as students of the said school and work side by side without streaming or any kind of segregation with the aim that each child shall get to know and love God, and to develop his own uniqueness of personality to enable him to appreciate the world and the world to appreciate him.

2. Not less than 10 per cent of the total number of students in the school at any one time should receive their education free of charge or at reduced fees.

3. This selection of students with the exception of those referred to in Clause 4 hereof to be decided by the trustees of the Phyllis Wallbank Educational Trust and the headmistress. (This has since been delegated to the G.E.T. Ltd.).

4. Handicapped children at a rate of one per teacher of each form shall be accepted as students in the school and this selection of such students shall be at the discretion of the headmistress.

5. The headmistress shall continue the existence and promotion of the said school on broad Christian principles and within a Christian environment.

6. The proportion of teaching staff shall be one full-time teacher for not more than 24 children over five years of age and for not more than 18 children under five years of age.

7. Not less than one half of the full-time staff shall be practising Christians, so divided that there is one practising Christian teacher to take the prayers in every three-year age range of children.

8. A Nativity Play consisting of New Testament words, carols and acting shall take place by agreement with the Rector every year at St Bartholomew the Great Priory church, West Smithfield, London, EC1.